Company Boutique Shop Metaldetectors in Morocco

  • Complexe Commercial Aziza, Magasin N°27, Bd la Grande Ceinture Hay Mohammadi, Casablanca Morocco
  • +212 6 62 52 99 38

This company distributes in its store these international Brands: Nokta Detectors

This company sells these appliances in its store: Nokta Simplex+ | Nokta Anfibio Multi | Nokta Multi Kruzer | Nokta PulseDive Scuba Detector | Nokta Midi Hoard | Nokta Impact | Nokta Deephunter 3D | Nokta Pulsedive 2-IN-1 SET | Nokta ANFIBIO 14 | Nokta Anfibio 19 | Nokta Invenio 3D Detectors | Nokta Kruzer | Nokta Gold Finder 2000 | Nokta Gold Kruzer | Nokta Jeohunter 3D Dual System | Nokta PULSEDIVE POINTER | NOKTA POINTER | Nokta NMS30 | Nokta NMS20 | Nokta ULTRA SCANNER | Nokta Mini Hoard | Nokta The Legend | Nokta 1ST Swing | Nokta Accupoint Pointer | Nokta Simplex Lite | Nokta Simplex BT | Nokta Simplex Ultra | Nokta Score |

We provide our customers with warranty services and all after-sales services in Morocco.

We provide our customers with shipping service within Morocco and worldwide.

All accessories of metal detectors, treasures and underground water detectors are available in our store in Morocco, small and large detector discs in all sizes are available, bluetooth headphones, spare parts and everything you need to repair or upgrade your device. We offer our customers a software update service for 3D and imaging detectors.