Gold detectors with long-range GPS and long-range sensory system to detect gold and archaeological treasures. The most important feature of this system is that it is easy to use and suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It can scan large areas in the frontal plane, allowing you to scan large distances in the shortest time to save a lot of time and effort and facilitate the task, once you locate the target in the front plane, you can select Make the depth easy with specifying the type of metal to search, there is a dedicated program for each A type of metal and precious stones, for example a program to detect gold ore, a program to detect precious stones, a program to detect silver, a program to detect caves and tunnels, etc. Depending on the capabilities of each device, gold detectors are distinguished. The sensor system has a large search depth of up to 60m underground and a frontal range of up to 2,000m at ground level.

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