Detectors with imaging system and direct ground scanning system, are considered among the most accurate metal detection systems and give reliable results by drawing three-dimensional shapes of the detected targets through special programs, tablets and laptops included in the package for each device.
The imaging system detectors detect various targets of metals, gold, treasures, voids, and caves, as well as ancient tombs.
Gold detectors with an imaging system, the gold detection system with a 3D imaging system is one of the most accurate devices in detecting buried artifacts and treasures, because the device captures electromagnetic images underground and analyzes the device's screen using specialized programs by analyzing the signals captured underground and determining the type of target detected With accuracy and depth, the imaging equipment can distinguish small size and light weight, making it easier for you to find your target. Imaging devices specialized in detecting ancient caves and tombs with depths of up to 40 meters underground with direct imaging and 3D imaging system equipped with the latest innovative German technologies to develop this system, which achieved a breakthrough in the world of exploration, where the most popular system is accurate and latest.

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